A little hot mess (averisimilitude) wrote in vaginapagina,
A little hot mess

Advice please?

Ever since I had a cervical cancer scare back in September, my vagina has been very unhappy with you. I had a biopsy, and everything seemed to heal up well. But for the past three months, I've had off and on problems with my vagina. It's constantly swollen to the touch, and it's occasionally itchy. The skin around my folds is also rubbing off like dead skin. I cannot have sex with my fiancee, it is painful. I've been to the doctor, he has treated me for a yeast infection and BV, but it hasn't gone away and he didn't think it was either of them in the first place. I'm really reluctant to go back and ask again, because I don't have health insurance, and it was the doctor in the beginning that I believed caused the problems.

What could this be, and how can I fix it? Any help? I'm running out of things to try to fix it.

Thanks in advance!
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