blackdress111 (blackdress111) wrote in vaginapagina,

Delayed misscarriage

I created a sockpuppet account since no body knows about this besides my boyfriend and a close friend.
Yesterday I went to the gin and was supposed to be 10 weeks pregnant. It was an awful surprise to find out in the eco that I have a delayed miscarriage. It's a 6 weeks embryo with no heart beat. I had not expected this since I haven't bleed or cramp at all during these weeks.  I knew this could happen... but oh well, I had a good long crying yesterday about this. I'm ok about this, it's nature.  Please skip the part to tell me you feel sorry, because it doesn't help me (sorry if it sounds cold, but it's true).

The gin told me I need get surgery to remove it. And this pops my question... How much does this hurt? I'm like SUPER busy at college and want to know if I get this stuff done on a thursday or friday, if I'll be ok by monday. My mom had one of this surgery a while ago (for another reasons) and cramped a lot, "just like having a baby" according to her words.

Besides that, I haven't told anything to my parents. It's been a rough year for my family and my boyfriends says he can afford this if it is necesary so no one finds out. I'm not really sure what to do, so I would like advice on this too (my health insurance is still through my parents and I'm economically dependent of them).

Edit: I'm  getting the d&c done tomorrow.
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