Marlo and thats final. (marlo_yearight) wrote in vaginapagina,
Marlo and thats final.

Still bleeding.

I posted about this last week and had hopes for the answers i got, but so change. I started bleeding near the end of a pack of bc 2 thursdays ago. It was really really light. Didnt even need a tampon light. Then it got a little worse. Then this past week on thursday i made a really stupid mistake. I was going out of town and i was so obsessed with not forgetting to bring a new pack of pills, that i tossed the placebo ones and started taking the active ones right away. This was unintentional, i was just really stressed about my trip and trying not to make any mistakes. Which obviously didnt work out. So over the weekend the bleeding got worse. Now its going back and forth. It seems to be stopping, and then starts back up again. I know i should probably go back to planned parenthood, but if i can avoid the time and money involved itd help me out. I just want to know if this is because im such an idiot, and its normal, since im so new to bc. And if anyone has an personal stories so maybe i can know what to expect the next few days. This coming thursday will be 2 solid weeks of bleeding, and id really love for it to stop. Thanks!
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