Yelena Lynne (cinematicxlie) wrote in vaginapagina,
Yelena Lynne

TOO wet?

hey lovelies!

I didn't see anything in the tags, so here goes...

For the past few weeks I've noticed that I've been wetter than normal. Not even during sexytimes, as I haven't had sex since early September. I have no itching or pain, no unusual smells (although I have been a wee bit stronger). Sometimes I've felt it seeping right on through my jeans! I'm confused and slightly concerned as it is a little bit embarrassing when it happens in the middle of class or something similar.
Also, I'm not sure if this would matter, but I've been normally going commando since mid summer.

Any help/suggestions/ease of fears is appreciated!

(First post, so I'm sorry if I've done anything wrong! :x)
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