the Dessert Diva (dessertdiva) wrote in vaginapagina,
the Dessert Diva

lumps and bumps

so yesterday my boyfriend and i were fooling around, and he said he felt a 'bump' inside me that he hadn't felt before. it wasn't on my cervix, just on the side, somewhere up in there. he said it wasn't hard, just like a 'tense muscle' and 'half the side of a jolly rancher' (his words, not mine). i don't feel anything at all. no pain, no nothing, even with him directly touching it. i was baffled. we've been together almost 2 years, and he hasn't felt this before, so it must have just happened? we're also pretty active sexually, so i'm surprised he didn't notice yesterday, or the day before. do these things just pop up? what could this be? any similar experiences?
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