Saffron Esmeralda (soulpaintedstar) wrote in vaginapagina,
Saffron Esmeralda

Ovulation and you....

I was just wondering if it's theoretically possible to not have regular periods but still ovulate. My periods finally returned in April which lasted two weeks. The one in May lasted almost a month so I went to Planned Parenthood who put me on some HBC that I hadn't even heard of before, Reclipsen I think. June went by normally but then July hit and boy was it something out of "Carrie"! I started hemorrhaging (or close to it) but they could find no valid reason for it, i.e. no fibroids, or cysts, no possible miscarriages, etc. Obviously starting the HBC was NOT a good idea. The ER doc gave me Provera for 10 days to stop the bleeding which it did so I haven't had a period since late July. Since the doctors can't seem to find anything wrong with my lady bits and as to why my periods are the way they are, I can only assume stress and weight fluctuations are the culprit. Am I correct in assuming that pregnancy is going to be nearly impossible to occur during this crap? I'm certainly not going to be stupid and not protect myself just because I think my chances of conception are slim to none at this point. I *DO* want more kids in the future (my only child is 11 as I had her at 19) so my biological clock is ticking like a time bomb, but what is the real likelihood of ovulation at this point? Are my assumptions unfounded or are they likely true? Thanks!
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