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The only girl alive who can't come from Oral??

Hello fellow goddesses,

I made a dummy account because I'm on a shared computer.

I am 24. I have been with my boyfriend for 2.5 years. Our sex life is very active and mostly satisfying. My problem is that over the years (masturbation, other partners) my vagina has learned that it can only orgasm in a specific position, basically I can only cum with my legs tightly together and only with indirect touch on my clit. For example, I can come during PIV sex if I am on top, and I am laying completely on top of him with my legs straight back stacked on his, and my clit humps his pubic area. Unfortunately he says this isnt pleasurable for him and actually bends his dick.

Touching my clit directly is not pleasurable at all. My tried-and-true method of masturbating is laying on my tummy and humping my hand, or any other object. Moving my hand around on my pussy doesnt make me come, I have to be actively humping something to come. It feels great, but I want to be able to get off on oral and manual stimulation from my guy. Which leads me to my next question....

 I have only cum a couple times from oral sex. And those climaxes are.... less than climactic. And my boyfriend really gives it his all. Can someone else who prefers indirect clit stimulation recommend any techniques for coming from oral? I want to be able to come from oral, god damnit! It's supposed to be the "Easy" way to get off.

Please give me some advice! Thank you in advance :)
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