Foxy (foxypadawan) wrote in vaginapagina,

Countering the Effects of Cerazette

Hey. Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm 23, I've been with my current boyfriend for nearly three years and I've been on the POP Cerazette for about two years now. The problem is that I've noticed a substantial decrease in my sex drive over the past year or so. I still enjoy having sex, and I still find my partner very attractive but my desire to instigate it has faded which isn't great for my boyfriend's self esteem and is pretty worrying for me too. At first I put it down to a pretty severe period of depression I had last year, but I'm much better now and I've been doing some background reading and found out that decreased libido seems to be a very common side effect of Cerazette. Thing is, aside from that it's perfect. It's stopped my horrendously heavy periods completely, it hadn't made me gain weight, my skin is clear, I don't get sickness or cramps and I don't suffer from headaches.

I was put on Cerazette after I tried Implanon, which was a three month long nightmare, because my family history of strokes and blood clots ruled out the Combined Pill. Before then I'd always been happy using condoms. After Implanon I'm not keen to have an IUD fitted and I'm very wary of the injection. I'm planning on popping along to my Family Planning clinic to talk to a doctor about it and see if there's any other POP that could work for me. I think Cerazette is the newest one though, so I'm not sure if my doctor would be reluctant to move me onto an older version since they seem to herald Cerazette as the Best Thing In The World Ever.

What I wanted to ask you ladies is if there's anything you can recommend to increase your desire to have sex? Obviously switching back to condoms and going hormone free is an option, one which we are considering, but I've gotten used to being period free and rather like it! If it is Cerazette causing the problem can I do anything to alter its hormonal effect in a kind of mind over matter approach? At the moment sex doesn't really enter my mind at all, day to day. It's kind of like my mind doesn't register it at all. I don't know how much faith to put in herbal supplements claiming to boost your libido. Probably very little?

Thanks in advance girls!
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