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Pink spotting on the pill?

Hey VPers!

This has never happened before. I always take my pill at 10:00am but because of DST and not changing the time to an hour earlier, I have some PINK spotting going on right now? If I get up and moving before I take my pill I seem to spot, if I don't wake up and get on with my day before I take the pill I don't get spotting. It's weird. I have class at 8am Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays so sometimes I get a bit of spotting even though I take my pill at 10am anyway.

But spotting that has never happened before is kind of freaking me out. Is this...normal? I had barrier free sex all weekend but have been taking my pill on time for months now. I'm worried that during my placebo week I could have ovulated or something. Before this past weekend the last time I had had sex was on the 19th of October...So I'm scared this is implantation bleeding or something :(
Reassurance? It's really freaking me out.

Thanks in advance!
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