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Gripe gripe grumble gripe

I just need to vent for a sec to people who will understand.

I was a nail biter almost my entire life. We're talking to the quick & my fingertips were usually bleeding or scabbed. When I ran out of biteable nail I would use my teeth to peel layers from the nail beds.

Within the past 6 or so years I was finally able to stop biting my nails, and it took until the past year to finally get them into some semblance of healthy. I finally have pretty nails- for the first time in my life. Well, pretty nails that don't involve glue anyway.

So as soon as I start getting them to grow past my fingertips, what happens? I start getting tears around my vagina!!! Little tears on my clitoral hood and on my labia. UGH!!!!! I worked so long and so hard to have my hands look healthy and pretty (to me), and this is my reward?

*SIGH* So I clipped all my nails last night. :( I figure it's a necessary sacrifice for my vaginal health, but really? I'm so annoyed.

/vent- Thanks for listening.

ETA: I should have mentioned the I can't stand anything to actually touch my clitoris but a tongue. So when I masturbate I use my vulva as a barrier between my fingers and my clit so it won't hurt. I also don't do self finger insertion, so I guess it's occurring in my sleep, since I sleep nude for comfort reasons. Really not much I can do there. :-/
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