Michelle Belle (socksstayfly) wrote in vaginapagina,
Michelle Belle

I'm partially worried.

It's my first time posting, so feel free to correct me if I do something wrong.

Every time I shave the area around the lips get red and irritated, it's not so much as razor burn. It will gradually go away but still remain a bit red, it doesn't hurt or sting.

Last night, I feel asleep with a pad and extremely tight shorts. I woke up this morning with the area around the lips being red, irritated and well, painful. The pain is decreasing, but it's still red none the less.

Is it likely that it's simply irritation or some sort of infection?

Also, my lips always have these little bumps on them but I figured they're just sweat glands, they don't bother me at all.

Anyone ever had these?

P.s. I'm 100% I don't have an STD. So that's not a possibility.
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