vienna76 (vienna76) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bleeding during/after sex


For about the past 14 months, I have been bleeding after sex with my long-term partner. It seems to happen sporadically - it won't happen for awhile, and then, bam! It's always a LOT of bleeding, too, and I can't trace it to "rough" sex or anything (it happens no matter what the position). This morning it was just all over the place (all over him and me). I have been through all kinds of gyno stuff in the last year, including laparoscopic surgery to try and diagnose endometriosis (which I do not have). She's run every test in the book and says that I am fine (vaginal ultrasound, endometrial biopsy, etc.). I used to have pain during sex, but she put me on a low-dose antidepressant that's been working wonders for the pain part.

I just don't know what to do next - should I go back to my doctor? Should I find another doctor? Luckily, I have a great partner who does not freak out and just says he's worried about me. But, of course, it's devastating for me when we've both just come and then, hello! Blood! I cry and am embarrassed. And worried, and frustrated. My doctor has kind of "ruled out" everything that could be causing it. I've read tons of stuff online about what it could be, but of course that just makes me nervous.

Any ideas? Anyone else experienced this?
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