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False positive on a pregnancy test...should I be concerned?

This will take a bit of explaining. One of my friends asked me to take a pregnancy test with her today as a form of moral support (she's TTC, so her nerves was in seeing a negative test). I agreed, so we got a 2-pack of tests, and each did one.

Hers was negative. Mine was positive.

We went and get another brand of test, in case that particular box was defective. Same thing. I got another positive test.

I know there's zero chance I'm pregnant. (And before anyone asks, I know because I haven't had sexual contact with a man since 2004.) I'm also not on any medications that could, I think, affect the test. I take 2 acidophilis capsules and a multivitamin a day. So getting what I know are 2 false positives on home pregnancy tests, is this something I should be worried about, or something I should bring up with a doctor? From what I understand, and from what I've read through this comm and site, false positives are rather rare, so this is concerning me. Any suggestions or advice are appreciated!
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