accrochage (accrochage) wrote in vaginapagina,

freaked out

I've never posted anything before, ever, but I am seriously freaking out.
Background story: Today my boyfriend helped me dye my hair magenta/pink (a semi-permanent dye). He didn't wear gloves while doing it, and the dye got all over his fingers...we tried washing it out for a while, but it won't come out. His fingers/skin are bright pink, but when he touches things they don't turn pink or anything.
Anyway, we just had sex, and he had his fingers inside me. I completely forgot they were dyed pink until we finished, and then i realized that it might have gotten in my vagina. And it looks like it did. There is some discharge that is light pink. (I put in a tampon briefly and when I pulled it out it was slightly pink)
I'm really scared and don't know what to do. Am I going to get an infection? Do I need to clean it out somehow? Does anyone have any idea what might happen?
Thank you so so much if anyone has any ideas
I know this sounds totally crazy :/

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