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How to approach a suite mate's poor feminine hygiene that effects the entire population of our suite

Ugh. I don't know if this is a good place to post this or not, but my suite mates and I are REALLY at a loss of what to do about this. For background info, I am a college student and I share a bathroom--one toilet, one shower, with 6 other girls and 2 boys. So there are 9 of us using one. bathroom. There are three sinks, but only one toilet and only one shower...ANYWAY on to the problem.

One of our suite mates has HORRIBLE feminine hygiene issues. So bad that I have stopped using the bathroom in our suite...and going to the next one over to shower/use the bathroom/brush my teeth. But this SERIOUSLY has to stop, and I'm not sure how to go about it.

How do you confront someone that is leaving toilet paper that is sopping with period blood on the bathroom stall floor? How do you confront someone who WIPED their menstrual blood on the shower curtain?! How do you confront someone who shaved her pubic hair in our communal shower/bathtub and didn't clean it out of the drain?

Yesterday I went to take a shower, minding my own business as usual. But when I went to pull the shower curtain aside I saw, to my horror, a huge blob of what was obviously period blood on the shower curtain.

And TODAY, I just went in to shave my legs because I noticed someone had wiped the blood off or replaced the shower curtain.

But THIS time, there was literally an inch, maybe more, of pubic hair clogging the drain and much more all over the floor of the shower. And there were towels with her name on the tag with blood all over them...clots and all. On the floor of the shower stall. I had my suspicions before, as did my neighbors, but the towels with her name on them and the pubic hair gave it away, lets say.

Wtf. Does anyone have any advice/recommendations on how to deal with a situation like this when you're living in a group of 9 people and all sharing a bathroom? Usually everything works out because we all have different schedules, different shower times etc. The boys hardly ever shower, the girls do though...And we now know who is doing this. She's got issues--she's known to get drunk and pee on people's stuff. And the other night she threatened to burn down our dormitory. She lies compulsively...she is off.

HOW should we go about this? Tell the RA's? Or what? And how do people fall into these horrible habits of not being able to control their menstrual mess in a group living setting!?

//end rant
I'm sorry, mods, feel free to delete if need be...but this is just absolutely repulsive and I don't know how this person thinks this is ok. I haven't taken any sort of action yet besides being like GUYS WTF THERE IS AN INCH OF PUBES IN OUR SHOWER. I didn't say they were obviously hers even though they were, don't need to go into how I know, but she was like obviously trying to cover up that it was her.

What do I do? :( At this point I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to shower in there again.
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