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Donating Cloth pads in developing countries

Hi, I'm going to Bangladesh in a couple of weeks, so I started making cloth pads for women who cant afford to buy disposable sanitary products. Many women, especially in rural areas, use rags from old clothes to absorb their blood. I've heard of many young girls who are missing school a few days every month because of their heavy period. I'm in high school right now, and the thought of missing school once a month sounds terrible for all the work I would be missing. (FYI I'm definately not a nerd, but I do know that everytime I miss school, even for a day, I have an enormous amount of catching up to do which is especially hard when my friends forget to collect my work).

I do however have a few concerns about giving away the pads. I know that many women are very conservative, especially about mensturation. I was born in Bangladesh but moved to Australia with my parents when I was 2 years old, but I visit every few years, so I understand the self conciousness felt by many women.However I have done a bit of internet research and I have read that UNESCO is teaching many young girls in rural schools about the importance of feminine higiene. I am pretty sure they still use rags but I think they know how to clean them better now.I know that much of the water in Bangladesh is arsenic and shouldn't be drunk until boiled of filtered, but may be bathed in. My cousins own farms in rural areas, and they know many poor women living around their farms. They would probably introduce me to women in need of pads.

Would it be appropriete to give away sanitary pads in this situation?

The pads that I am making are made of purple 100% cotton fabric (top and bottom layer), cotton towels (inside absorbant layer) and nylon (placed beneath the bottom layer and the towels). I've tested them with water and they seem to be quite absorbant. Any comments on making the pads more durable would also be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read this post :)

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