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Tender boobs and Vulva Gazing

Two queries,

I've been on Yaz for just over a week. Last couple of days my boobs have been pretty tender on the bottom. It's lessened today, not noticable unless i press on the bottom of my boobs. So no worries, it's going away. Am interested though if breast tenderness commonly recurs while taking Yaz (or hbc in general) as i haven't experienced it before. For example around my withdrawal bleed.
I doubt it will be a problem though, it's not debilitating and after rereading the side effects section in my Yaz instructions i'm not stressing about what i might have done to have this happen.
So, boob pain? do you get it on hbc? how often?


Second query, which i guess is just for lols:) is i'm wondering how often possessers of vulvas here look at them? Seeing as it's not really a case of just glancing down whenever your undies are off, it seems like something you would purposefully do. Getting a mirror, stretching over, moving your mons up, etc. That's what i do anyway, i get a mirror and check myself out- "hey, everything going alright down here?" :P
I guess i'm bringing it up because i read a lot of questions on Scarleteen (and occasionally here amongst other lj comms) from young women who are worried about having "weird" genitals or feeling (like i do) insecure about being dirty, etc. I've been finding it quite.. comforting to do it more often recently, as a way of helping overcome my insecurities.

Have a good w/e everyone! :)

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