andrea (edicius) wrote in vaginapagina,

pelvic inflammatory disease / endometriosis

Sorry if this has been addressed in the memories already (please point me to the post if it has).

I was wondering if anyone here has been diagnosed with either pelvic inflammatoy disease or endometriosis, what symptoms they had, how it was diagnosed, and any of its ramifications.

i've had several of the symptoms of pelvis inflammatory disease/endometriosis but my current ob gyn (plus a couple doctors in korea) keep telling me that everything is okay since my pap results and ultrasound came back clear. i've done some research and know that these two methods of testing can't 100% rule out endometriosis/PID, but i don't know if i'm just being overly paranoid. i've been having pain/numbness in my pelvic area (on the backside of my pubis mons) and where my ovaries are, lower back pain, worse menstrual cramps than normal, painful intercourse (whereas this generally wasn't a problem for me in the past)... i should continue getting more medical opinions but i have so little time, plus i'm still a resident of another province so getting healthcare in my current city is a pain in the butt.

does anyone have any insight to share? i won't completely rely on it, i just feel really scared and lost :( especially since undetected PID/endometriosis can result in fertility :(

thanks in advance,

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