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Irregular period along with thyroid problems?

Hey! I posted this at a thyroid comm too but I figured it was worth a try here as well for period problems! I always get helpful responses here!

Ive been battling with thyroid problems for over a year now but I was just diagnoised with hyperthyroidism in July of this year. I tend to go REALLY high then REALLY low then all of a sudden im normal for a while (usually those are the times my doc does a blood test!) Im not on any meds as of yet because when I was tested in september I was normal again so my doc couldn't treat me. and yet I still manage to feel terrible all the time along with all the other typical symptoms except for a few brief glorious weeks when all seems right. but then things go down the tubes again. It is SO Frustrating! Why in the world does that happen??

ALSO my biggest concern that none of my doctors seem worried about is my period. I haven't gotten it in a year now. 12 months exactly in november. My  symptoms of thyroid problems started LAST September, around three months before my period stopped. Because of the timing, I think my thyroid and my period are probably connected but a whole year with nothing, even the times I tested normal? Its quite a change from last year because I got my period everyday from october 2007 to july 2008. Every Single Day. Ive been on birth control pills for five years now but they are failing to do any regulating.

Has anyone else experienced these type of problems along with thyroid? Are their other medical problems that go hand in hand with thyroid that could cause this? I'm just terrified Ill never be able to have kids! Do you think I should find an endocrine doctor?

Please share ANY thoughts/stories/comments you have! It is all very appreciated!

Thank you so much!

EDIT : sorry i shouldn't have forgotten this! But i do have antibodies that are extremely high so my GP thinks I have Hashimotos but he is the only doctor treating me so far. Thanks you!
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