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a couple of questions

Hey everyone.

I'm a new user of this community, I found it after being on the  menstrual_cups  community. I'm eagerly awaiting my first cup in the mail, but its taking frustratingly long!

Anyhow, I guess what I wanted to ask here was a couple of things - Firstly, I'm 22 and have recently (and kinda angrily) realised that i know far less about my body than I should. for example, my cervix moves! thats awesome! so I've been exploring and all that, and I'm actually going for my first ever pap test in a couple of weeks. I booked in at the community health service (I'm on a student income so free health care is all I can afford) and to be honest, I'm kinda nervous. Especially since I recently found a little lump on my cervix, which, although my rational self is sure its probably not a big deal, my irrational self is freaking out.
So I was kinda wondering what to expect for a pap test - the lady on the phone sounded really busy and didnt really have time to explain anything to me. I have done a bit of research since then on what actually happens, I guess I'm thinking more on things like does it hurt at all? is it wierd that I'm freaking out about it? Also I heard a friend of mine say she had bleeding afterwards - is this normal?

also, I think I might be on my period on that day - is this an issue with pap tests? I can reschedule if it is but that will mean I'll have to wait even longer.

I feel silly that I have to ask at my age, because these are the sorts of things that girls should be taught long before now. Why is it that information on our own health is so secretive?

also - not sure if its just my computer but I clicked on the "learn about pap smears/tests" link under tools and it didnt work - said it couldnt be displayed.

sorry if I've asked stuff thats already been anserwed - had a quick look through older posts but if there was something I must have missed it.
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