chromatine (chromatine) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI symptoms and coffee?

Hi all,

I had a urinary tract infection for the first time about one year ago. The infection healed OK with antibiotics, but I still have some symptoms (I more or less feel like I want to urinate all the time).
I've tried several times to drink some over-the-counter remedies based on cranberries, and it did not relieve me. My gynecologist also gave me some remedies which did not help either.

Now, I'm wondering if coffee might not be a factor, as I drink a lot of it and it says on vulvapedia:
It is also possible to get mild temporary symptoms (such as urinary frequency) without actually having an infection, simply because of drinking too much coffee or tea (which are diuretics)

So I want to try to spend a week without drinking coffee to see if it helps. So my question is: is decaff coffee the same as coffee regarding UTI symptoms? Going one week without _any_ sort of coffee is going to be hard!
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