Hannah (ohsweetlust) wrote in vaginapagina,

dark, dry spots on inner thigh

this isn't completely vagina related but it's NEAR my vulva and i'm hoping it's not related... about 4 months ago i noticed a strange slightly tan spot on my inner left thigh about the size of a penny and about two inches away from my vulva. it's completely flat, doesn't hurt, doesn't itch, but the skin is dry. the skin around it isn't dry, only the spot. well, a few days ago i noticed a smaller one has showed up right beside it. they almost look like light birth marks but they just seem to be dry skin. they're not OVERLY dry or scaley or anything, just mildly dry. the first isn't getting any darker or bigger. they're both perfect circles.

i don't think it's an STI as i've recently been tested negative for all (including HIV) except for syphilis which i didn't get tested for. i'm sexually active, i'm caucasian, underweight, and i've never had anything like this before. i've tried neosporin to treat it a couple times (it's the best thing i have right now...) but they haven't even faded. anything come to mind? just thought i'd mention that my mother had eczema, but i've never had symptoms, and i thought it was supposed to itch.
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