Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in vaginapagina,
Goat Friends

Ack! My boobs are taking over the planet again!

Or at least, they are taking over my clothes.

Fun times: my boobs are growing again. I've been trying to ignore it for a few months going, "Maybe now that I'm off the pill, maybe now that I don't have my IUD, maybe now they'll stop."

Yeah. They have not stopped. I need new bras, and it's gotten to the point where I more or less need them now, as my current ones are seven kinds of painful. (Well, okay, four kinds of painful: the outside ends and inside ends of each underwire.)

I really cannot afford to be replenishing my entire stock of bras right now, at least not at standard prices. I realize that good bras are investment pieces and that good quality can cost money, but that's only so helpful when I don't actually have the money to spend.

If I were sure of my size (my first best guess is 30FF/32F depending on whether the band runs tight, but I may actually be a 30G/32FF), I'd go the Ebay route since $20-$40 for a bra there is usually doable. However, since I'm not really sure what's going to fit, I need to buy from someplace where I can do returns and exchanges -- but still pay less than $50 + shipping for the bra in the first place. I can't actually go anywhere in my city to be fitted, either; there was exactly one place in town that understood that size 30F existed, but they didn't stock 30s in any larger cup sizes.

I scrolled through Figleaves. This one and this one, both from Pour Moi?, are in my price range and have received relatively favorable reviews. Has anyone ever worn one of these, or do you know anything more specific about them? (Not that I distrust user reviews on Figleaves, but I trust user reviews from LJers I know to be knowledgeable even more.) Or any similarly priced bras of good quality available in those sizes?


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