inmycrease (inmycrease) wrote in vaginapagina,

Male Recovery Time

Hey VP SuperStars,

I checked the archives but couldnt find exactly what I was looking for.

I'm curious about men and their "recovery time" after sex. My boyfriend and I dont have any issues with him not lasting long enough or anything but I feel like it takes him a long time to recover. It takes 12-18 hours until we can go again. I'm his first partner I dont know if that matters. Also we don't really talk too candidly about mastrabation, but it came up in context the other day. I mentioned that a certain hand lotion I had would probably make a good lube for "self sexy time" and he looked confused, saying "why do I need that if I've got you?" I'd like to bring up the point to him that I dont care if he mastrabates, hell I dont even care if he does it in front of me.I'll get around to telling him that in the right context.  I'm wondering that if he doesnt actually mastrabate like he says he doesnt, could this lead to a longer recovery time too?
Does more sex lead to a shorter recovery time? I know everyone is different... I'm just new with this whole thing so I figured I'd ask in a safe space like VP.

Thanks all in advance!
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