pixie___masque (pixie___masque) wrote in vaginapagina,

Anal leakage?

So I looked in the Anal Anomolies .  today I was at big lots when I felt the urge to pass gas and when I did air didn't come out but liquid.  Here I am thinking I just crapped myself so I go to the bath room but don't see anything resembling diarrhea it didn't even smell like.  I pressed toliet paper to my undies and the color was a yellowish/brown.  I"ve been drinking coffee like a maniac lately so my bm's have been softer than normal and also that same color.  Is this liquid anything to really stress over or just equate it to too much coffee consumtion?  I typed in 'anal leakage' at Webmd and one thing that came back was gonnareah.  I should get tested regardless.  Its just been buggin me.
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