Jane (touch_meh) wrote in vaginapagina,

Urine Infection

I am prone to urine infections. I used to get them every few months or so, get some antibiotics and all would be good.

But recently (last 6 weeks) I have had 3. Got antibiotics for the first one, about 2 weeks later got another one, and got rid of it by drinking loads of cranberry juice and water, because I don't want to be immune to effects of the antibiotics. This morning I woke up with another one, usually it is painless unless I go to the toilet, however for about 3 hours this morning I was in pain unless I was going to the toilet and now it is back to normal urine infection.

A friend recommended me to this community. Do you guys ... hmm girls ... have any tips on how to prevent them?

- I got to the toilet before and after sex.
- I now drink cranberry juice daily.
- I shower every other day.
- I live by myself, so no towel sharing etc.
- I change underwear everyday (like any good girl should)
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