Coley Ouellette (coley_ouellette) wrote in vaginapagina,
Coley Ouellette

Very heavy flow, what should I do?

Hello VP, 
I know dealing with a period isn't exactly a walk in the park but I am really struggling with dealing with mine. My flow is very heavy and it does not soak into an overnight pad, most of it just stays on top and I have to whipe it off. I can feel when it comes out and it's very uncomfortable. My stomach is cosntantly upset when I am on my period. I haven't worn tampons in a long time and I'm afraid it would be a horrible idea if I tried... besides, they make my cramps 5x worse than they usually are. 
So, any ides on how to help the flow relax a bit? Maybe get my stomach to settle down? Is this something I should be worried about or should I just feel oh so lucky? Thanks in advance for any help/answers. 
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