Aimy (lovesantino) wrote in vaginapagina,

Constant bleeding and not on BC

Hi everyone,
I keep searching for help but I can't seem to find the right answer. Basically, I went from normal periods to frequent spotting about a year ago. I had some spotting when I started the Nuva Ring two years ago, but it went away and I skipped periods by leaving it in 4 weeks. I stopped taking the Nuva Ring because it was too costly and I mostly had normal periods except there was lots of spotting, especially during sex. So I decided to start using the Nuva Ring again, but this time the spotting never stopped so I gave up on using it again. I have not used birth control in six months out of frustration. To give an example, this month I have gotten two periods (on the 2nd and the 27th) with a few days spotting before each. That leaves me with only one and a half weeks without blood =/

I guess my question is, should I wait another 6 months to see if my cycle will straighten itself out? Or try taking a BC pill instead of the Nuva Ring?

Thanks so much for your help. None of my friends have this problem and it is really freaking me out. Plus my boyfriend cheated on me a couple months ago and I think it's in part because all the spotting made me too self-conscious to have sex anymore. I just really want my old life back.
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