Carlee (carleebeth) wrote in vaginapagina,

Planned Parenthood Prices

Hey guys,

I am in desperate need of my annual gyn exam and some blood work (and maybe some birth control), but I am currently a grad student with no health insurance and no job. I was thinking about going to Planned Parenthood and I've never been there before. I would go to my campus health center but they charge $70 for the annual and another $30 for blood work (and I'm super poor).

I plan on calling them tomorrow but I was just wondering if anyone in my situation could tell me around how much they have paid at PP for an annual. I know prices vary by where you are in the country, but I just want to get some sort of idea.

Thank you so much!!! :D

UPDATE!!: I called PP and they said that it would be $127....yikes! I called up the public health department and they said that it would be FREE! Yay! Thanks so much for all of your comments! :D
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