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HSV 2 False Positive???

So I just came from my gyno. I'm really so elated I could cry.

March 2008, I had a full STD mark up done. I tested positive by the HerpesSelect IgG test for HSV2. Never had any symptoms. Never once. Then in July I had a high fever, a slight watery discharge and some tenderness... but never a sore. My doctor didn't even think it was an outbreak then - or when I mentioned it today. I was not on suppressive therapy until October 2008, when I met my boyfriend. I went on it just as a precaution, even though I had never had an outbreak.

Fast forward to today. My gyno conversation went something like this...

Dr. K - So, you've never had any symptoms, whatsoever?
Me - [fill him in on the July incident] but other than that none...I wasn't on any therapy for 8 months or so and then when I went on it, still no outbreaks.
Dr. K - Ok, well I don't want to get your hopes up but we use a newer highly sensitive test now called the Immunoblot. It's supposed to be 100% accurate, no errors. In this office I've seen 1 or 2 false positives with the other test. Since you have had no outbreaks at all you either have a very mild case or it was a false positive... I want you to have the new test.

UM DONE!!! I am having it on Thursday.

I don't wanna get my hopes up because I might be crushed all over again but OMFG!!!!!!! My boyfriend has said all this time "I really don't even think you have it!"

Has anyone heard of false positives with IgG? Is this too good to be true? Regardless, I'm saying my prayers!!!!
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