Erin (natane) wrote in vaginapagina,

No question, just complaining about my yeast infection.

i'm on antibiotics for my UTI/kidney infection.
i have the worst yeast infection i've ever had.
and i have til thursday before i can take diflucan.

i've done two garlic treatments now, and since this is a really bad external one as well, i'm not only inserting garlic (two cloves, overnight) but crushing up garlic in water and then straining it before pouring the garlic-y water over my vag.

and... it's not helping, other than temporary relief (as in, i took out garlic this morning and by mid afternoon i was already itching again).

everything down there is basically raw, dry, and itchy. and i've been rubbing at it through my underwear and making it worse... *winces*


only two more days, only two more days...

ETA: oh, and because my labia touching each other itched so much i decided to try a dental dam (yay for my college giving them out for free) to basically keep them from rubbing together (do not ask me to explain the mechanics of this, i don't think i can). it worked to keep my skin from touching and itching... but i'm 80% sure i have a contact latex allergy because quickly after that the itching became hell and i was even more red, swollen, and irritated down there.
once the yeastie's gone i'll have to experiment and see if it's allergy or coincidence.

ETA 2: apparently my skin's so dry down there... that it's cracking. no joke, i took pictures and was going to post but couldn't get them off the camera. i'm really, really frustrated... my vagina is betraying me!
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