Crystal (bunnygirl02) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sex causing tears in vaginal opening.

Everytime my guy and I have sex I get these tears at the bottom of my vaginal opening. It looks like a little cut. I am guessing my vagina is doing this to accomodate for the size of his penis? I really dont know he is slightly bigger than average I guess but not extremely huge. Im just tired of hurting after sex for a couple of days becuase I get torn up. This of course affects the amount of sex we have becuase I have to heal first. This problem of course does put a strain on our relationship. Lol but he does get a kick out of thinking its becuase he's sooo big! lol...This problem leads me to ask some questions to my fellow VPers.

1)Why do I keep getting cut during sex?
2)How do I stop it from happening?
3)What has you experience been like with this issue?
4)Finally this isnt supposed to happen right? Im assuming everyone isn't running around with cut vaginas after sex lol.
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