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Tenderness and Painful Sex

Hello Everyone!

I had a question, and I'll try to keep it short, but I know I need to be a bit descriptive.  For over a year now I've been experiencing pain and/or discomfort during vaginal intercourse.  Primarily if I am on my knees and my husband is behind me.  Sure, don't do that position, except a couple years ago, that was my FAVORITE position.  There was no pain, only glorious orgasms.  Now, there are times its just really uncomfortable, and other times when its straight up painful and I need to stop and reposition myself.  Sex in general is not super wonderful.  I have a hard time getting arroused and a hard time climaxing.  When I do climax my orgasms don't feel any different than they used to, but right after orgasm, it gets uncomfortable and I find myself WAITING for my husband to "just finish already".  All of this has clearly reduced my sex drive.  Earlier this year, around March or April, I started to bleed during sex.  This was the first and so far only time...and there wasn't a ton of blood, but enough for my husband to be alarmed and concerned, and I was scared as well.   I spotted the rest of the night and a little the next morning, then it went away. 

I have a history of irregular periods...I had been on the pill for a very long time to keep me on a regular cycle.  Last year I thought this discomfort was associated with a change in my birth control (from Tri-Sprintec to LoEstrin).  Once the birth control ran out this past January, I found the discomfort increasing to not just during sex.  There were a few days in May that the sore tenderness on my right side got so bad I couldn't walk and it radiated into my thigh.  From January to the end of May I had missed 2 periods.  I saw my doctor in June and he did a pregnancy test (to check for ectopic pregnancy), I had ultrasounds done to check for cysts (there were none), and I had a laparoscopy done in July to check for the possibility of endometriosis (my doctor was fairly certain this was my problem).  Well, he saw nothing.  I did have a packed colon, which he saw during the surgery, but there were no signs of endo.  After I healed and time has gone by, sex is still uncomfortable almost all the time, and very painful other times.  Sometimes while I pee, if i stretch up or lean back I notice a tightness and feeling of pulling in the lower center of my pelvis.  There are a lot of other times I feel a tenderness in the lower right side of my pelvis, almost at the joint (where pelvis meets thigh). 

It never hurts to urinate, but sometimes when I'm just standing up or walking around I notice my clitoris feels kind of sore.  This isn't all the time, but it does happen and I don't understand it. 

Could my problems be caused by IBS?  Or is there some other concern that I don't know about?  I just want to go back to having pain free sex like I did a few years ago.  I want my sex drive back, and I want to be able to get aroused like I could before.  I would also be happy to not have the tenderness in my pelvis that pops up (seemingly monthly, but i haven't noticed whether it comes in relation to my period or not - it doesn't feel like menstrual cramps). 
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