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Period Exactly One Week AFTER Ovulation, And One Week BEFORE Expected Period...?

Hi all.

My LMP started on September 30 and ended October 4th. I'm a regular 28-day cycle gal, and I'm not on any type of birth control or anything like that. My next period isn't due until November 1st, so you could imagine my surprise when I went to the bathroom and saw that AF decided to deliver an early birthday present for me. {My birthday is later this month, on the 28th.} I ovulated exactly one week ago on the 18th. I've read that implantation bleeding can occur a week after ovulation, and approximately a week before your period, but this was a little heavier than what you would expect for implantantion bleeding. The thing is, I haven't had ANY cramps or anything like that, like usual. My boyfriend and I had sex on October 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, and 19th. As I said earlier, I'm not on any form of birth control. He prefers to use the withdrawal method since it's something he's been doing forever. I've read that stress can cause periods to be LATE, but never the opposite, and have them be early. I certainly wasn't expecting to get my period a week early like this. I don't have any infections or anything like that, either. I feel completely fine. The only PMS symptoms I've seemed to have lately are the occasional moodiness, high sex drive and craving for sweets, but like I said, no cramps or anything else. But oddly enough, I have noticed that my temperature has been very high for the past week. The weather has been crazy where I live, but for whatever reason, I've just been very hot. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy. LOL. But each night when we've gone to bed, I've had to open up at least ONE window and sleep on top of the covers from being so hot. And him on the other hand, he has been all bundled up underneath the covers, like he's in the middle of a blizzard or something.

Do you think that pregnancy could be a possibility at this point? And if not, what else do you think could be the cause of me getting my period a week early? I'm a little concerned because my mother had her period for 6 months while being pregnant with my older sister. Then, 6 years after that, when she became pregnant with me, the same thing happened again. She had her period for the first 6 months.

Added Note: The bleeding started at about 7:30 this morning. It is a little past 9:00, and the bleeding has stopped COMPLETELY. When I say it's gone, it's GONE. I don't get it. When I wiped earlier, the peice of paper I used was soaked, and now nothing. No spotting, not even a speckle. WTF?!!!

Thanks in advance for reading and providing me with your answers. I appreciate it.
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