Chass (sapphires13) wrote in vaginapagina,

Dealing with emotional PMS symptoms, naturally?

Okay, so I never had a regular period until I got on the pill. For whatever reason, be it hormonal or stress-related, I'd get my period usually 3-4 times a year. Once I went as long as a year without a period, and sometimes they'd come in pair, two periods two months in a row at almost exactly 28 days apart, and then nothing for months, before having two more.

I always had crappy PMS symptoms, both physically and emotionally. Because my periods were irregular, they'd come very heavy, with pain and cramps. And before and during my period, I'd get moody, emotional, irritable, weepy, and depressed. Having the pill (Microgestin 1/20 FE.. which is the generic of LoEstrin) regulate my periods has taken away all of the physical symptoms, leaving me just with the emotional ones. I don't believe them to be any worse than they were before, it's just now that it's happening every month, it's much more noticeable and annoying.

I already suffer depression and some pretty strong anxiety, and am already on medication for that, which works perfectly... except for about 6 days per month, before and during the beginning of my period. I'd rather not try adding another medication or adjusting my dose, just to deal with six days of blues. So rather, I'd like advice on alternative treatments and therapies to help calm me down and reduce the extra anxiety and mood swings that come with my approaching period. Supplements? Herbs? Teas? Massage? I know exercise is good, and try to do that, but what else? Googling brings back results far and wide, but advice from someone with personal experience would be great.

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