Melissa (tragicsaturn234) wrote in vaginapagina,

Knee Surgery and HBC?

I'm supposed to have arthroscopic knee surgery this Weds. and I'm wondering If I need to be off of HBC (LoEstrin f. 1/20) for this cycle because of the surgery. My doctor didn't say one way or the other (he does know I am taking it as well), but someone had mentioned since HBC can increase the risk of blood clots I may want to skip this cycle. Especially because I won't be able to move around as much. I just finished the Placebo week so I need to figure out whether to start the new pack. I tried to get a hold of my primary doctor but she's out of town for 3.5 weeks and the other docs. in the practice are swamped because of taking her patient load. Any advice? I'm going to call the doctor perfoming the surgery Monday but since I need to start the new pack over the weekend I'm in kind of a bind.
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