Tatshmaru (bohemiancloud) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missed periods, but not pregnant?

I'll start with a bit of info on me:
I'm 20 years old. Not sexually active, and I'm "not into guys", so I'm not on any form of birth control. I was once diagnosed with hypothyroidism because of a side-effect of some anti-depressants I was taking, and I tested negative for the disorder once I was off the medication (???). I used to have abnormally long periods when I did have the disorder, and did take BC for a couple of years before my mom stopped caring. I regularly exercise (3 mile jog, 3-5 times a week) and eat a moderate diet.

So being not sexually active, I kinda worry when I miss menstrual cycles, cuz it means it's not a simple "You could be pregnant" answer (not that being pregnant is by any means simple).
I go through all the standard symptoms of PMS; bloating, irritability, horniness, emotional outbursts, cramping, that funky discharge... then nothing. I feel the effects mildly then I don't menstruate. It's happened twice in the last six months. I'm pretty good at keeping track of my cycles, because they're almost always around the 17th of the month (because Mother Nature likes to spite me with red panties on my birthday each year). Has this happened to anyone else?
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