* (bisous2paris) wrote in vaginapagina,

Has anyone heard of NGU? + recurring UTI's

Has anyone heard of NGU? It's stands for Nongonococcal Urethritis and I just found out about this infection today. I think I might have it but I was wondering if any of who have been diagnosed with it (or know anyone who's had it) and what were your symptoms? Did your partner have it as well?

The frustrating thing about NGU is that there's no real way to test for it if you're a woman, the most common cause of it is Chlamydia but I had an STI test done and I don't have that.  The reason my doctor thinks i may have it is because I've had recurring UTI's for the past 4 months (ever since I've been sexually active again with my partner) and the antibiotics dont see to work...  I'm getting very frustrated and have no idea why I keep getting UTI symptoms every two weeks or so. The last urine culture showed no sign of any bacteria, yet I had all the symptoms of a UTI. I guess it could really be NGU then... Also, my partner presents no symptoms at all, should he get checked at all?
Thanks so much!!
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