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UTI, or more?

I realize that vaginapagina isn't a doctor, but I have some odd symptoms that I'm trying to decipher before I see my doctor tomorrow, and I've found everyone here to be most helpful. I've battled 3 UTI's in the past 6 weeks. Each lasted 2-3 days, then was gone. This last one, however, also went away, but left me with a continual urge to pee (but no pain when I pee), and now, traces of blood when I wipe and back pain. I also feel weak and sometimes woozy. Could my string of UTI's have led to something more, like a bladder or kidney infection, and if so, what can I expect when I do see my doc? Thanks, all!


I wound up at the ER today, because of a concerned husband and mother. Sure enough, kidney infection. I had some IV pain meds and antibiotics, and sent home with prescriptions for both. They drew lots of blood and took urine sample, as well. This was a very good (and bad) lesson for me to learn. Any time a UTI happens, get yourself to a doctor!
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