estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

HPV concerns

So I've had this pink bump thing on my mons pubis for around 6 weeks now. My GP said it was nothing, so I assumed it was a spot or irritated hair follicle, but it hasn't gone away or shrunk since then at all. As I generally tend to fear the worst, I googled around about HPV and I found a lot of things saying a spot like this which doesn't go away quickly is likely to be a wart. I'm really hoping it isn't, as I already have the high risk HPV and abnormal paps.  I read a few pages which said warts are normally found in moist areas, not the mons pubis, but others say they can happen anywhere on the vulva. Is there any way such a spot can NOT be a wart? And if it is, are warts considered something you can cure? I've read contradicting info on this - some think they are for life, others say that once the warts stop appearing you can consider yourself cured. 
I have made an appointment but the earliest I could get was next week, so I'm freaking out until then :(
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