tabitha (tabby_renee) wrote in vaginapagina,

Period stuff

An ex-boyfriend and I are trying to work things out, and last week (thursday, actually) we had unprotected sex. I know it was irresponsible, but 1) I trust that he has no diseases, and 2) I am convinced that I can't get pregnant. My reasoning: I have had a lot of unprotected sex (non-consensual in high school, the only other time was with this ex-boyfriend when we were together). I never got pregnant.

I know, bad reasoning, but still

Anyway, I haven't been able to afford the pill since last January. I had a steady period up until the time came around in September when I should have had a period. I wasn't pregnant then, because I hadn't had unprotected sex since last February. I took Plan B for that occurrence.

Is it coincidence that I started having pain in the ovaries areas yesterday and had kind of a brown discharge after having unprotected sex last week? It's not much, just enough to wipe with toilet paper. It lasted a day. The pain in my ovaries are gone, now it's just a dull ache, if you get what I mean


ETA: Hey, I got my period this morning. Thanks for the help - I need to go to the doctor's anyway. Since there is high risk with cervical cancer (my mom had it at my age), I like to keep up with getting checked out.

Thanks for the help!
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