D. (rustleofswing) wrote in vaginapagina,

external itch cream for YI, will it interfere w/ condoms?

So it seems like I've gotten a little bit of a yeast infection, probably from a new soap I've used. I have a fair amount of discharge (usually I get none), no overly yeastie smell and VERY minimal itching, so I'm not too worried about it. 

I think I'm going to go the yogurt route because it's so minor and I rely only on condoms for safe sex, and let's be honest, it's almost the weekend and I really wanna be able to get it on, especially if it clears up in 24 hrs! 

However, I do have some Monistat external itch cream (the kind that comes w/ the suppositories) leftover. If I use it on my labia but not IN my vagina, is there any chance this could weaken the condom? I'm not going to be using it while we're having sex, obviously, but I'm wondering if it has the mineral oil in it that causes the suppositories to weaken condoms.

Input would be appreciated! Thanks!

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