gigglebug69 (gigglebug69) wrote in vaginapagina,

Scrotum wart or pimple?

Today is my mans birthday so I was giving him a full body massage. Once I reached his scrotum I noticed a raised white bump. At first glance it appeared to be a pimple. A closer second look and I thought maybe it's a wart.

Can men get pimples on their testicles? In the 2 years we've been dating, he never has before so it seems kind of odd. I tried to pop it (bad probably) with a pin needle but it hurt him obviously being poked there and all I got out of it was a very very small amount of clear fluid.

I tried to find photos online of what it may look like but all I could find were wart cluster pictures. He only has one. As I said, it's a raised white bump.

Any ideas? I'm afraid to have sex with him now til it has time to disappear or something. So much for birthday booty.
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