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Persistant Itchy Labia

Hello superstars!

I am having a major issue. For the past three weeks I've had itching in the labial area.

It's mainly on the outer labia, with some itching in between. It was worse at night at first and fine during the day, but now it's fairly itchy most of the time. I went and got a swab done for fungal and bacterial, and did Monistat 7 while waiting for the results. Both came back negative, and the monistat did very little. The cream helps a bit, but the itching always returns. I even went to emergency (for lack of a doctor), and they too, found nothing. The area looks fine.

I've tried Vagisil, Polysporin, and Hydrocortison cream to little or no effect. I've tried Tucks vaginal wipes with witch hazel, which seemed to help for a good few days, but doesn't do anything now. I even tried a bit of diluted tea tree oil, which sometimes helps at least enough so I can sleep.

For about a day, I had three bumps under the skin under my outer labia, but they went away and the itching hasn't.

Warm baths with salt, baking soda, or colloidal oatmeal give me a few hours of relief, but not a cure.

There are no doctors I can see again until late next week. I've tried changing my detergent and my soaps, or using NO soaps or detergent, and also taking antihistamines, but this hasn't put a dent in the itch either. I am pretty much at the end of my rope, and fear doctors will only keep telling me it's yeast/bacterial, or wanting to test for that and make me wait longer.

Has anyone else had this kind of itching before? Is there anything that helped? I've read a few places it could be herpes, but I've had a full STD work up and a PAP (all negative as well) just before this problem happened, and have been with the same partner for five years (the relationship was previously open, but hasn't been for a year now, hence STD checking.)

Any help at all would be very, very appreciated.

Edit: Just for clarity, the itching is mainly really bad towards the front, and not really near the vaginal opening, if that helps at all.
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