Beccasaurus Rex (kyos_the_schmex) wrote in vaginapagina,
Beccasaurus Rex

implantation bleeding vs. period?

well..  what i thought was my last period might have been implantation bleeding.  i usually pass a lot of clots and have long heavy periods but it was short and light pretty much.  my lower back usually hurts when i get my period, and that happened last time, but does back pain occur with implantation bleeding too?  i was very very sick at the time of my last "period" too so it might just be that my body was all whacked out..  i'm not sure.  i'm going to get a pregnancy test but i was mainly just wondering about the back pain/implantation bleeding thing.  i read that some of the symptoms are backaches and headaches but i have those every day anyways .. i don't have food cravings.. i'm just convinced for some reason that it was implantation bleeding instead of a period.  i mean.. when i googled implantation bleeding it said it was a pinkish or brownish discharge, but i think it was more bloody looking than pink or brown.  how long does implantation bleeding last?  sldkjflsdkjflskdj sorry it's so jumbled i just can't think straight.
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