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heavy discharge and sex

Lately I've had heavier than usual white discharge, and it's starting to put a dampener on my sexlife. I think it's from my BC, because I had the same white kind of discharge off BC, but I feel like it's picked up since switching brands a few months ago.

Anyway, because i ALWAYS seem to have discharge a'goin on inside me, it's bothering me when i have sex. It's to the point where I don't want to have sex because it really grosses me out seeing my discharge on my SO's penis. My SO has either never noticed or never said anything, but it really bothers me personally.

I read on here somewhere that depending on how hydrated you are affects how much discharge you give off. Is that true? 


Anyway, am I the only one and is there anything I can do to at least make this less of a problem?

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