BurrBurr (i_coyolxauhqui) wrote in vaginapagina,

confused about butt...jizz? And other pegging questions (edited)

hey vagpag!

I have quite a conundrum for you! I've started I new thing, something I've been curious about but I finally had the opportunity to do so. I'm talking about buttsex. But not in my butt, in his!

I have a few questions:

1) We've been using a (rather large) dildo, and I've just been maneuvering it by hand. I would like to use a harness for a more natural feeling, but I weigh 300+ pounds, and I think I'll have to macgyver something together because not only do I have a low income (I cant really spend a lot of money on a harness right now) but I also cant really find anything online that will fit me. SO! if anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish such a thing, please help!

2) After he orgasms (I'm not even sure how that works? a buttgasm? I dunno! Any enlightening info on that would be great as well) there seems to be jizz that comes out of his butt. It reminds me of the secretions my vagina makes after I orgasm. A similar viscosity and color, and I havent smelt it but he has and says it smells like jizz. We use Wet Platinum lube, in case its that? We are just kinda confused about what it is.

3) I have a history of sexual abuse and anal sex is triggering for me for reasons I dont want to get into. I tried it a few times but when anything gets near my butthole I freeze up and just start saying "nononononononono!" So I feel quite un-informed about how it feels and what to do. He has been a great teacher but if anyone has any recommendations on where to get good information on being a good pegger (?) I would really appreciate it.

EDIT: in reguards to question number 2 (hahahahhaha omg thats funny) he says it keeps coming out for quite some time. I just asked him and he said 2-3 hours.
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