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Another quick YI question.....

Is it normal for the skin between your vagina and rectal area to be irritated from a YI? I *thought* this was getting better, but the itching and crap has returned so it's starting to piss me off! This whole thing seemed to come out of nowhere anyway, as in I haven't been taking any antibiotics or birth control, etc. I want it the hell gone but with no insurance or anything, I can't afford to visit the doctor. As a friend of mine can attest, our PP isn't exactly known for it's winning service or anything so I've been hesitant to try to go there. I suppose my underwear could be playing a part in the return of the external symptoms if it's too tight which the pair I had on yesterday really were sort of tight but I didn't have anything else clean. I *did* snap some photos last night which I can share but don't know if it would really do any good. I'm sorry if I've just bombarded the community too much with all these YI questions but it helps to know I'm not alone! Thanks gang!
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