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Hi there, i have a problem and i feel i need to ask here as im getting no where in ttc communities.

Im trying to get pregnant and would like to know if i ovulate on the day im getting my progesterone test, would this show up in the test or does it need to be later? i know they do it on day 21 because "most people" ovulate on day 14, which gives it 7 days to be detected in the blood according to my doctor. I also got blood taken today which has been 7 or 8 days since my first positive ovulation test and 7 days since my first blood test but the nurse said it might be too late for that to show up even if i did ovulate. im so confused. the results came back from my first bloods showing no ovulation so just wondered if that would be why?

I also have been doing opks for the 2.5 years ive been ttc, ive never had a positive until last month and this month, last month i got the positive 14 days before my period came, so i was sure this was a good sign i ovulated but the bloods came back negative too (bloods done on day 21 and 28 last months +opk on day 30 so i wasnt expecting positive on that one anyway. Is that a sign i may have ovulated if i got a + then a period 14 days later?

Thanks for bearing with me this is my last question, I have been doing opks for 2+ years, ive never had a positive or even a faint 2nd line but after my + i still have a faint 2nd line, is it supposed to go away after ovulation? i know faint lines are common esp in women with pcos like me but its weird how ive started getting it all of a sudden.

thanks for reading.
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