linny (linnylooloo) wrote in vaginapagina,


i feel rather disgusting and weird explaining all of this in a livejournal community, but you guys seem to be super mature and extremely helpful. so here it goes: i smell down there. i can't really explain the smell, but i guess i would go with "fishy". also, i've also been noticing a lot more discharge than usual in the last few months and it's almost always white with a thin to medium thickness.

before i was just worrying about the smell and wanted some advice on getting rid of it (other than drinking pineapple juice), but after googling this a lot i've begun to worry that i might have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. it mostly sounds like bacterial vaginosis, but I don't itch.

anyway, i'm really just looking for advice because i don't have health insurance and i cannot see any type of doctor about this right now. so any thoughts as to what it could be? home remedies? i've read that sticking garlic or diluted tree tea oil up there can help, but i don't want to be doing anything too crazy without some feedback.

i would appreciate any help SO much! thank you!! :)
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